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biased. i played boys baseball in the san francisco youth league until i was 13. it worked out fine. it was okay. everything went all right. jon: difficult game. different sport. jenna: come on, jon. give her a shot. everyone is okay until maybe later. i'm sure she i will be a better athlete because of it. that is my argument that is where it will stand. the fiscal cliff chatter is dying down on wall street as investors look ahead to earnings season. it has been okay on last couple days on wall street if you look back for a couple weeks. we'll talk about what we're seeing for company report cards. what you might see for the financial future. you will see a change in your first paycheck when you get the payroll tax cut not in there. >>> it is a race against time to find a fashion executive whose plane disappeared three days ago. the latest on the search for this mr. misoni report coming up next. hi. i'm henry winkler. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now t
. they say that finds him has been trying to ban weapons for decades. she was president of the san francisco board of supervisors in the late 1970s and she was there when a disgruntled member killed two people on the board. jon: let's bring in jonah goldberg. he is a fox news contributor. it is said that mr. obama plans to take a more combative approach on gun control. going around the country putting on a town hall event, rallying the people try to get this thing passed. do you think it will work? >> i am pretty speculative. he said he wanted the help of the people at his inaugural celebrations. he wanted people to call on the pressure to congress. he said he wanted to do this sort of thing and people in the white house sort of live in a bubble about the president's own level of persuasive power. he did a great job of getting our voters on election day, but he gave over 50 speeches in 2009 about obamacare and never once moved the needle of public opinion on obamacare. he is not merely the salesman of people who already think he is. jon: every time he wanted to give a primetime speech, that
them, potentially, a whole lot tougher. claudia cowan is live from san francisco with more. >> reporter: jenna, buying a handgun here or in california is no simple task. it requires registration, certified training, a 10-day waiting period and a rigorous background check. what's more, the state routinely redefines and bans so-called assault weapons and limits the number of guns a person can buy. now democratic lawmakers are lining up to put even more or restrictions on firearms here. following the newtown tragedy, gun control advocates in sacramento are seizing the moment, confident that with democrats controlling every major office, the proposals will pass. >> almost any idea that anybody in this country has as to how to further regulate and limit access to weapons or ammunition is probably going to get passed in california. >> buyullets should not be easy. >> reporter: some politicians want to regulate all ammunition sales requiring background checks and annual permits. this state senator takes aim at a fee cur that makes some guns easier to reload. >> what we're trying to do with our
puerto rico san diego to san francisco wealthy californians are bailing out. >> we've had a ten-fold increase fro of calls from california where many are seeking a way to leave the state. >> reporter: some already have. >> it never stops. pay a little more this way. pay another business tax here. there is no end so we decided end it. >> reporter: after california voters raised taxes on the rich. the top earners mad earners paid 5% more for the feds, 7 more for the state. this tax consultant is thinking of moving out of california. he has clients studying a similar move. >> as soon as prop 30 happened i saw a huge change in the mindset. it's almost as if, well that's -- that pushes it to the limit i guess. they are fed up with the situation and they feel it like they are being unfairly created. >> reporter: these charts show you why. the top 5% of california taxpayers, those over $250,000 pay 62% of state income taxes. the top 2% pay 46%. while just 34,000 taxpayers out of 14 million pay 25% of state taxes. i talked to a lot of these guys, they don't want to go on camera number o
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)